Doula! Film – A Call To Action For Doulas!

This NEW Doula!  film is a rallying call to all doulas around the globe to shout as loud as you can about doulas and what they do!

“Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion” is a brand new documentary film that celebrates the amazing work carried out by the unsung heroes that are doulas!

The film follows three birth doulas supporting three women  before, during and after their births and features actual footage of births – all are really positive and incredibly emotional. The film also follows two postnatal doulas supporting their clients after they have had their babies. (For more information, click HERE)

I was inspired to make this film after I experienced complications during the birth of my first baby, complications that really needn’t have happened if I’d hired a doula.

Now, through making “Doula!: The Ultimate Birth Companion”, I have become a huge doula convert (read my personal statement HERE)

The CALL TO ACTION is simple. We want you to use this doula video to help spread the word about  doulas.

If you are a doula, why not HOLD YOUR OWN SCREENING. We will soon be offering three sizes of DOULA FILM SCREENING KITS. So anyone, anywhere in the world can show the doula DVD to market their services as a doula and also help raise awareness of what a doula does!

So jump onboard, shout out to the world about this Doula! film and hold your own screening. Because not only does every woman deserves a doula, every doula deserves to hold their own film screening!

If you want to know more, then keep checking back to this blog or the website at, or send us an email to

In the meantime, take a look at the trailer here.


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