An amazing response so far!

We’ve just been overwhelmed by the amazing response we’ve had since we announced the forthcoming launch of our new film “Doula!: The Ultimate Birth Companion”.

The teaser trailer doula video has been seen more than 10,000 times on Youtube in 5 days!

We’ve had 1000’s of visits to our website.

We’ve had lots of people registering their interest in buying a copy of the Doula! DVD or ordering a screening kit or contacted us about  Host Your Own Screening of the Doula! film.

What has surprised us is where people have been contacting us from – the three places we’ve generated most response are US, Australia and Japan! Which just shows how international the doula community is.

We’ve still got a lot to organise ahead of the launch on June 7th.

We are arranging to have the DVD’s authored and replicated in two different formats – PAL (Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) and NTSC (US, Canada and South America) plus print the posters and postcards, plus sort out payment and distribution.

So if anyone wants to help, join us in this CALL To ACTION by telling other people about the film, linking to this website or sharing the Doula! video film trailer on Youtube or registering your interest in hosting a screening or by telling the nearest doula what a wonderful person she is!!!

Thank you!



One response

  1. My husband and my daughter speak fluent Hebrew. If you would like them to translate the movie for you please contact me at 818.614.1546

    I am currently working as a Postpartum Doula but I am always advocating for my sisters, The Labor Doulas. Your film is fabulous! You should set up a donation button on your web site to help pay for the costs.

    April 15, 2010 at 4:05 pm

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