Timeline for Doula! DVD Screening Kits

We’ve had lots of people around the world interested in hosting their own screening of the Doula! film and that is incredibly exciting. We’re hoping to have a list and a map of where potential screenings are going to be held soon!

Right now,  the wheels are in motion and we are getting posters printed and Doula! DVD’s duplicated.

We are producing a PAL DVD version for UK, Australia & Europe and also, an NTSC DVD version for US, Canada. South America & Japan.

The Doula! DVD is in the English language but on the DVD, there will also be the option to have English subtitles for the hard of hearing.

We are looking into producing subtitles in some other languages (confirmation of this soon!)

So to give you an idea of the timeline for anyone interested in hosting their own screening:

In the next few days we are hoping to have the payment and ordering system for the Doula! DVD Screening kits up and running from the website SHOP.

Then during May, once we have received your order, we will dispatch posters, posters, marketing and Doula! DVD screening toolkits to host your own screening.

Then, when the Doula! DVD’s are ready, we will post out the DVD’s.

We are hoping for the PAL DVD’s to arrive in the UK and Australia & NZ for the official launch on June 7th, then for the US/ Canada as soon as we can after that – but definitely by the end of June.

If you want any more info, please email info@altofilms.com

The biggest thing you can do to help us right now is to keep telling other people about the Doula! film and ask them to watch the trailer on youtube. Here’s a link:

http://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=iRc36qMxNak

We haven’t had time to get anything going on Twitter yet (or any of the other social networking sites really), so if anyone wants to share links or help spread the word – that would be fantastic!

Thank you. And oh yes, if you know any doulas, go hug them!



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