Doula! film update

Here at Doula! Film HQ, we’re working round the clock to get everything ready for the launch of the Doula! DVD on June 7th.

We’ve been overwhelmed by so many fantastic comments to the trailers that we’ve put online – here’s a selection of comments from our Youtube channel:

“Brought tears to my eyes. (from Mum of 5 and soon to be doula student.)

Wow. That looks INCREDIBLE! Man, I totally want her there when I have a baby!! 🙂

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! this looks GREAT!!! I can hardly wait to watch it & share with people.

Oh my gosh – I can’t wait to see it!!!! 🙂 How exciting!

Brought back memories of how our 3rd child was born! I can’t speak more highly of my support person “JC”. During labour, she was incredibly attentive to my needs and wonderful support for my husband as well.Thru her birth classes, many women have gone on to become doula’s – isn’t it amazing what effect one person can have on another person and the decisions they make in life!

When will this movie be available? When will it be out? : ) : ) : ) I’m in Canada and would LOVE to be able to buy it!!

So exciting – can’t wait to watch it in full!”

Because we’re dealing with different video standards around the world, different languages that we have to have translated and subtitled, different size postal and shipping packages and different prices for the three screening kits, it’s taken us a little longer to get everything ready for pre-ordering, so we really appreciate everyone’s patience!

But tomorrow is going to be the day for anyone living in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa (and other PAL countries) to place their orders for screening kits!!!

Then later in the week we’re going to announce what’s happening for the rest of the world!

All very exciting. And thank you everyone for getting behind our film.



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