The Conception and Pregnancy of Our Doula! film

It struck me last night that it’s taken me exactly 9 months to give birth to our Doula! film.

Doula! film DVD cover

It was late September 2009 that I first really heard about doulas after the screening and cinema premiere of our previous birth films Real Birth Stories.

Real Birth Stories – visit

Before then, I had no idea what a doula did and I had no idea what a difference they could make to someone’s birth and postnatal experience.

So 9 months ago, in early October 2009, I started to meet various doulas (who were all fantastically lovely) and the idea to make a documentary film about doulas really started to come together. That was the moment the film was really conceived!

Then late October I got the phone call which would really kick things off. One of the pregnant mums that I had been talking to about the possibility of filming her birth had gone into labour. And the filming was on!

I grabbed a video camera and headed off into the night, driving 80 miles with just a map for company. I arrived and the mum was having regular contractions and was just about to get into the birth pool. The midwives and Caroline the doula were already there and the atmosphere was calm but for me, incredibly exciting!

Doula Caroline and Mum Rebecca from the Doula! film

Three hours later and the beautiful “Pip” was born. Amazing. Incredible. Breath-taking. And Caroline the doula was truly magnificent. And that was the moment that I completely “got” what being a doula was all about. Being a doula is much more than a job, it’s a passionate vocation.

And that’s what I hope our Doula! film captures.

9 months later and we’re just about to launch the film to the world (you can pre-order a SCREENING KIT now for the UK & Australia – pre-ordering of SCREENING KITS for the US & Canada coming any moment!)

It’s been a dream “pregnancy”, with everything coming together really nicely and I’ve really appreciated the help and support of all the people we filmed plus the non-profit Uk doula organisation Doula Uk.

So now my business and real-life partner Alex and I  just have to deliver our baby, our Doula! film.

Doula! film-makers: Alex Wakeford (left) & Toni Harman (right)

But I know that with the worldwide doula community right by our side, we’re in very good hands!

Toni x

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