NTSC Doula! Film Screening Kits Now Available For US, Canada, Japan

It took a little longer than anticipated to get the buttons up (here at Doula! film HQ, for the past week we have been battling with chicken pox) but I’m now really pleased to announce:

NTSC screening kits for the US, Canada & Japan are are now available to pre-order!

Have  look at the Doula! film shop page for more information on what the three sizes of screening kit contains.

Doula! Film A3 poster

Doula! Film Postcard Front

So now anyone from anywhere in the world can come join in our Doula! film revolution and host their own Doula! film screening after the launch on June 7th, which is all incredibly exciting!!!

I’m really looking forward to sharing our film with you.


Doula! film, Producer/ Director

P.S. Any questions, queries, suggestions or ideas, please email me at info@altofilms.com


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