An alternative DOULA! film screening opportunity?

We want to ask your opinion about an additional screening opportunity for the DOULA! film.

As you may know, we thought a really good way for doulas to market themselves and help raise awareness was for individual doulas to hold a DOULA! film screening in their local area.

With this in mind, we have created really easy to use DIY screening kits and we’re really excited that we’ve received orders for the screening kits from the UK, US, Canada, Australia and now from JAPAN!!! It’s not cheap to ship multiple copies of the DVD’s, so we’ve put our thinking caps on and we’ve come up with an alternative solution that could be available alongside the DOULA! DVD Screening Kits.

DOULA! film postcard that comes with the screening kit

So everyone around the world will still have the option of buying the really easy to use everything included DOULA! DVD screening kits but in addition for doulas in the US, Canada, Japan and other NTSC countries:

We are considering selling a single public licensed DOULA! NTSC DVD copy for USD $100

(including all shipping, postage & packaging but excl. any import duties that you maybe liable to pay).

It’s a one-price fits all price – so however big your screening, no matter how many people come, you still pay this one price.

If you wanted to go with this option, then you won’t receive extra DVD’s to sell at the event. Promotional and marketing materials will be sent by email supplied as PDF’s so that posters and postcards can be printed in your local shop.

If you wanted to have more than one screening, we will set up a DONATE NOW payment button on the website which will act as an honesty box – so if you do decide to hold another screening, then you can make a small donation.

If you think this is a good idea, then email us at and if enough people want it, we’ll set up a payment page for this option in the next couple of days.

We look forward to hearing from you. Email us at

Toni & Alex

DOULA! Producers


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