All Systems Go For The Doula! Film Launch

Here at DOULA! Film HQ, we’ve been busy working away like little hamsters on spinning wheels gearing up for the worldwide launch of DOULA! THE ULTIMATE BIRTH COMPANION this coming Monday.

– We released a new film trailer on Youtube called “WHAT IS A DOULA?” with images taken from the DOULA! movie (please tell everyone you know about it!!) – CLICK HERE TO VIEW

– We’ve made single DOULA! Film PAL DVD copies for PERSONAL HOME USE available to order from the website for anyone living in the UK, EUROPE, Australia & NZ – (DOULA! DVD single copies for US, CANADA & JAPAN coming soon.)

– We’ve promoted the DOULA! FILM launch premiere at a London Cinema on Monday 7th June

– We’re just about to send out our first batch of DOULA! DVD’s to people who have ordered their PAL DOULA! Film Screening kits (NTSC Screening kit DVD’s will be sent out next week)

There’s lots more still to do and if you want to help, then what would be brilliant if you could tell people about the film and link to our DOULA! film website. The more people that know about the film, the closer we can get to our target of making DOULA an everyday household term around the world!

Thank you for all your support so far and thank you for all your best wishes. Together I know we can make the film a success!


Toni Harman, DOULA! Film-maker

Any comments, suggestions, ideas, questions – please email me at:


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