Worldwide Doula! Film Update

Wow. It’s been a whirlwind three weeks since we launched the Doula! film worldwide on June 7th.

As the film-maker behind the film, I’ve been completely blown away by the response. I feel truly honoured that the film has has had such a strong positive reaction from doulas, midwives and expectant parents. Thank you to everyone who has supported the film so far!!!

When I started making the film last year, I didn’t have any funding, I didn’t know anyone really in the baby / birth / doula world and I didn’t know for sure whether the film would be find an audience. And now, with the reaction we’ve had so far, I’m thrilled that the film is already a success in that it is finding an audience and the audience really like it!

At the two public screenings I’ve been to here in the UK (in London and in Lewes, Sussex), the rooms have been buzzing with excitement and emotion after the film – it feels that in some way, the Doula! film has tapped into a worldwide wave of birth empowerment, which makes me feel really proud!

So here’s what’s happened in the past 3 weeks:

– The Doula! film has had packed out screenings all over the UK, Canada,  Australia and the US. And that’s just the start! There’s many more public screenings being planned around the world – and that is just brilliant. (Here’s some  more information about hosting your own Doula! film screening.)

– The Doula! film trailer has had over 36,000 views on Youtube (as of today 28th June) – considering we don’t have an advertising budget as we are just a tiny 2 person production company, that is amazing!!

– We’ve had approaches from international retail stockists who want to stock the film – which is just fantastic, as the more outlets the film is available, the more people will hear about the film!

– Plus we’ve had some media coverage and the word about the film is spreading like wildfire on the various birth / doula internet forums. (I was on the doula stand at a big BabyExpo exhibition yesterday and I was amazed about how many other health professionals and birth organisations had heard about the film through such forums!)

-But there’s still so much more to be done. I’m dedicated to my mission of making Doula a household name and for me it’s a simple equation:

For the more people that watch the Doula! film

= more people hear about doulas

= more people hire doulas

=  more people will have fantastic doulas-supported births.

I really appreciate everyone’s support so far but if you want to help, then what would be brilliant is if you can tell other people about the film, or embed the trailer, or share the Doula! film website link on forums and social networking sites. Or organise a screening yourself!

Right now, I’m working on trying to get some more media publicity about the film so if anyone has any contacts with any magazines, radio, TV, or internet websites – then I would love to hear from you – email

In any case, I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas, comments, questions or feedback about the film – email

Lots of love and thank you so much for your support so far!


Toni Harman, Doula! film Producer / Director


One response

  1. HI and Congradulations on the Doula Film. I loved it. I am a postpartum doula and am hoping that you will start thinking about making a film especially for us Postpartum Doulas too!
    How do I link the Doula Film on my website? How do I purchase the Doula film so that I can share it with all of my potential clients?

    Thanks so much,

    June 28, 2010 at 7:26 pm

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