This Is Why I Made The DOULA! Film

Yesterday I received probably the nicest most moving email I have ever been sent! (Repeated here by very kind permission):
“I have just received and watched DOULA!  I wanted to let you know I think its an absolutely amazing film.
I am planning to train as a Doula in October and decided to invest in your film first to back up my belief that it is the right thing for me to do.
Your film has definitely confirmed for me this is the right path to follow. It is filmed so beautifully and respectfully, it is a truly inspirational piece of work and it has left me feeling a little bit awe-struck and very excited about my future.
It is a film every expectant parent should see. If I had  seen this before the birth of my first child I would have felt empowered to make the choices I wanted.
Donna Taylor


Wow. This is exactly why I made DOULA! THE ULTIMATE BIRTH COMPANION

To reach out to people like Donna to show how amazing doulas truly are, to inspire people to find out more about doulas. I absolutely believe that  with the help and loving support of a doula, women can have a better, more positive birth and postnatal experience – thus providing the best transition into parenthood for the new mums and dads and  the very best start in life for their beautiful newborn babies.
Makes me feel very proud and very honoured to have produced a film that is touching people’s lives. Just thought I would share this with you.
Toni Harman, a very proud DOULA! film-maker!
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