DOULA! Film Screening At DONA International Conference This Saturday

DOULA! Film Screening at DONA International Conference

I am very excited and proud. This Saturday night, 7th August 2010, at 7pm in Room 1, our DOULA! THE ULTIMATE BIRTH COMPANION movie documentary will be screening at this year’s DONA International 16th Annual Conference in Alberquerque.

This will be the biggest screening our DOULA! film has had since it’s launch in June and I am absolutely thrilled and honoured that our film is showing and I can’t wait to hear what people think!

Our DOULA! video is the first film scheduled for the Big Saturday Night event,  organised by the lovely people behind the Baby! International Film Festival. Here’s the schedule for all the wonderful films playing that night.

It’s a long journey from the rolling green hills of Sussex and Hampshire in the South of England where I shot and made the film – now it’s screening at a fabulous desert city  in New Mexico 3,000 miles away and I do feel like a very proud mum, hoping that people will respond to the film and fingers crossed, will give the film a big thumbs up!

But more than that, what would be brilliant if after watching the film, individuals doulas were inspired to host their own DOULA! film screening back in their local community. That way more people would hear about the film, more people would find out how amaaaazing doulas are, more people would hire doulas, more positive births will result and everyone is happy!

So if you or someone you know is going to be at the DONA International Conference, then on Saturday night, grab some popcorn and enjoy the film showing in Room 1 at 7 o’clock! Then tell other people about the film and start planning your own screening!!!

Thank you!



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