Should childbirth videos be censored?

Two things this week have made me think about whether or not footage of actual childbirth should be censored.

Firstly, we wanted to enter a short edited extract of our DOULA! film to this year’s Midwifery Today Short Video Contest.

We followed the instructions and uploaded the 8 minute film to Youtube. We didn’t advertise that we had uploaded the clip or promote it in any way – but within 48 hours the clip had something like 5,000 views.

But then it was flagged up as potentially containing sensitive material which means that you have to be logged into a Youtube account to watch the film. Does that mean the clip has been censored?

Here’s the link to the clip (as it wouldn’t let me embed the code!):

Meanwhile, a distributor of childbirth education videos has contacted us this week regarding stocking the film. Part of the application process was for me to say what age or school grade the film is appropriate for. I’ve never thought of the film as being age-restricted and as it is an education film, the DOULA! film is exempt from classification.

So I don’t know what age children should be allowed to watch of scenes of childbirth, however positive and beautiful – as it does depend on the country, culture and society. I said the minimum age should 15+, but considering that there is a high rate of pregnancy amongst teenage girls in Western society, maybe the age should be lower.

Anyone else have some thoughts on this?




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