DOULA! Film Goes Wild

Last week, we had a family holiday in the wilds of England’s North York Moors. It’s Heathcliffe country; one of the most beautiful yet remotest places in England, made more so by the days of heavy rain and thick fog so dense you could barely see more than 25 metres in front of you.

We had no mobile phone reception and at the house we were staying, very limited internet connection. Luckily we found a 15th century pub in the middle of the moors to hunker down but it did really feel as though we were cut off from the rest of the technology obsessed world.

My mum, daughter & me on North York Moors.

Contrast that with this week where it’s back to business at DOULA! film towers. This week has all been about social networking.

I’ve added special landing pages to the Facebook DOULA! film fan page where we’ve now got over 600 members – thank you for joining and supporting the film!!

I’ve been tweeting, blogging, updating the website, interacting on various forums, posting pictures and videos, answering around 20-30 emails a day about the DOULA! film, been video conferencing with stockists around the world, created a database as well as fulfilled customer orders. Meanwhile, I’ve been researching over the internet for our next film project. Phew.

I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet but saying this  just to illustrate how technology reliant I’ve become – such a world away from the essence of natural childbirth and doula-ing, where it’s not about technology, it’s about one-to-one relationships with people, trust, love and caring support.

Saying that, I am really enjoying connecting with people all over the world via all the social networks. I love the fact that everyday more people are linking and signing up to our fan page and blogs. I’ve met (virtually) so many wonderful lovely people and learnt so much from them that I feel honoured to be a part of a growing network of doulas, birth educators and people dedicated to making birth better!

Still there’s lots more to do if I’m going to achieve my mission of raising awareness of doulas worldwide to make the world a better place.

And you can help. Invite your friends to link to the fan page, comment on the wall, subscribe to the blog, twitter about the DOULA! film etc.Or email me!

Thank you so much for your support. Lots of best wishes,



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    December 7, 2012 at 9:50 am

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