60,000 Views of the DOULA! Film Trailer on Youtube

Well actually at the time of writing, it’s 59,855 – but really, nearly 60,000 views of the DOULA! film trailer on Youtube. Wow. Wow. Wow. I can’t believe it’s so popular.

When I first uploaded the trailer, I thought it might get a few thousand views if we’re really lucky – but so many people right around the world, it’s way beyond what I thought possible.

The demographics are interesting: it’s most popular with women aged 35-54, and also men aged 45-54.

In total, 64% of views have been by women, 36% by men.

Country wise, it’s had most hits in the USA (19,455) , Canada (2,545), Australia (2,011), UK (4,745) & Japan (7,681)- but also, it’s also had 8 views in Iran & 5 views in Afghanistan!

It’s quite amazing what you can find out if you look at the Insight statistics on Youtube!!!

And what’s more, we’ve had over 90,000 views on Youtube of all the clips we’ve got online on our Real Birth Stories channel on Youtube. Again, a huge Wooooow!

Thank you to everyone who has watched the DOULA! movie trailer or our other films on Youtube. Would be great if we can top the 100,000 mark so please if you feel so inclined, share the films or suggest them to your friends!


Toni Harman, DOULA! The Ultimate Birth Companion, Producer / Director

Website: http://doulafilm.com/

Facebook site: http://bit.ly/bRPUSH

Follow the DOULA! film on Twitter: http://twitter.com/doulafilm

Buy the DVD from Amazon.com or amazon.co.uk

To contact Toni (and I would love to hear from you), please email: info@altofilms.com


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