Should Doulas Say The Best Position To Give Birth?

Here at DOULA! movie towers, I’ve been releasing various 6o SECOND DOULA clips every day for the past couple of weeks – posting them first on the DOULA! film facebook fan page.

The concept is simple: 3 doulas have just 60 seconds to answer one of the 100 most frequently asked questions about birth. For more info about the 60 Second Doula clips CLICK HERE

The reaction to the clips has mostly been brilliant. We’ve had lots of positive feedback and lovely comments from around the world. Lots of people watching and sharing the clips. Great. Thank you.

We have had a little bit of negative feedback. The title credits and music are annoying some people so over the next couple of weeks, I’ll change it. The next set of clips will have the existing music then from then on, it’ll have a new title sequence. Everybody is happy! Except…

One clip, however, is a little more controversial. It’s the one asking “What’s the best position for birth?” Here it is:

Some of the feedback about this clip has been about whether or not the doulas have crossed the line between doula being supporter and doula being prescriptive. Absolutely, the decision about how the mother gives birth is a decision taken between the mother and the doctor /midwife, but what is the role of the doula in this situation?

And that’s the whole point of these clips, that they are fun and interesting to watch but that they also spark debate and discussion. Would love to know what other people think!

Meanwhile – here’s one which is a little less controversial and I think my favourite one so far. It’s on what happens if your labour slows down. Enjoy!

Toni Harman, DOULA! The Ultimate Birth Companion – Film Producer / Director
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