Update On Latest DOULA! Film News

Lots has happened since we launched the DOULA! film in June and I thought I’d post an update with all our news.

1. Many thanks to our 1500 Facebook fans!

Here at DOULA! film towers (that’s myself and my Alto Films partner Alex Wakeford), we are hugely grateful, honoured and pleased that we’re building a really fantastic supportive community on Facebook. So please keep sharing and please tell us what you like (and what you don’t like), so we can continue to grow and develop as a fully inclusive fun informative interactive community based fan page!


2. The DOULA! film launch has gone global!

The DOULA! film has been sold, seen and screened around the world including the UK, France, Germany, Norway, Holland, Spain, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Wow. So excited, grateful and honoured that so many people have taken the DOULA! film into their hearts.



Our film “A Gentle Birth”, which featured an edited extract from the DOULA! film has just won the Midwifery Today short video competition! Ooooooh!!!


4. In the UK – the DOULA! film is going on tour!

We’re having a series of screenings around the UK featuring a Q&A with the director and local parents, doulas & midwives. Tickets are priced £7.00 and are on sale now (cut and paste these links)! Confirmed dates are as follows with more dates to be announced soon.

DOULA! Film Tour

BRIGHTON – Tues 2nd Nov 6pm http://www.eventelephant.com/doulafilmuktourbrighton

BRISTOL – Wed 3rd Nov – 6pm http://www.eventelephant.com/doulafilmuktourbristol

YORK -Wed 10th Nov – 1.30pm http://www.eventelephant.com/doulafilmyork


5. USA & CANADA DOULA! film tour in the Spring 2011!

We’re planning to do a series of screenings in the US and Canada early next year, combining this with doing some filming for our next documentary – if you would like us to do a screening in your town, let us know!



If you haven’t seen these, we’re releasing a series of short mini-clips where 3 doulas have just 60 seconds to answer one of the 100 most frequently asked questions about birth. The idea is to create a fun, informative series of clips, ok, that do promote the Doula! film, but that can be enjoyed by all. Mostly, the response to these has been fantastic so thank you for watching and sharing. And continue to watch out for them!

60 Second Doulas


As you may know, we’ve just returned from the Midwifery Today conference in Strasbourg where we filmed some amazing interviews with our all-time birth heroes for our next project, a global documentary about birth. We were lucky enough to interview Ina May Gaskin, Michel Odent, Elizabeth Davis, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos, Carol Gautschi and the mother of Midwifery Today, Jan Tritten. We’re developing the documentary right now and raising funds – but we’re hoping to post some snippets over the next few weeks as the project comes together. So watch this space!


If you have any comments or feedback or just want to get in touch, either post something on the Facebook fan page wall on http://www.facebook.com/doulafilm or email us at info@altofilms.com


Thanks again for your support and warmest wishes,




Toni Harman, Director & Producer, Alto Films

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