Doulas And Midwives

I’m as proud as punch that our film “A Gentle Birth” won this year’s Midwifery Today Short Video Award.

The film is an edited 8 minute extract from the DOULA! film and shows a beautiful, really positive home waterbirth where the mother is supported by a doula and two lovely midwives. The film shows just how wonderful, emotional and powerful birth can be! **

This week also saw the DOULA! film receiving a generally positive review from the UK’s Royal College of Midwives “Midwives” magazine – below is a quote (CLICK HERE for the full review)

“The doulas were good and definitely fulfilled a need. The first birth (a home waterbirth) was lovely and I would consider showing it as an educational piece to women and their partners.  The calm reassurance being given by the doulas and the practical support, which freed up the partners to be more physically and emotionally involved, was wonderful. The support being provided postnatally was fantastic and it was good to hear the voices of the couples who employed the doulas about how they felt about the support they received and showed the service in a positive light.”

What is fantastic is that these two esteemed midwifery journals, “Midwifery Today” and the RCM’s “Midwives”, have demonstrated they recognise the value of doulas working alongside midwives to support the parents to achieve the best possible birth. And that’s a huge result, isn’t it??


**Just so you know, we’ve now made the award-winning (!!) 8 min short film “A Gentle Birth” private on Youtube out of respect for the parents wishes who, although very proud of the film, didn’t want their birth readily available on the internet after the Midwifery Today Awards were announced. I’m currently looking into other possibilities for distributing the film to those that are interested. Will keep you posted.


A reminder that for people in the UK, we are kicking off our DOULA! FILM UK TOUR with three screenings of the DOULA! film and our other birth film REAL BIRTH STORIES.

We want to do lots more screenings up and down the country so it would be brilliant if you could help make these screenings a success by telling anyone you think might interested about the screenings!

Tickets cost £7.00 with a 20% earlybird discount if tickets are booked before 19/10/2010.

For more info about the DOULA! film UK tour, CLICK HERE.


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