Together we can change the world!

The DOULA! film UK tour has begun!

After a really good screening of the DOULA! film and REAL BIRTH STORIES in Brighton on Tuesday night, I have just returned from a brilliant screening last night at the Midwifery School at the University of the West of England in Bristol.

The audience was made up of midwifery Lecturers (many of whom made delicious cakes sold to raise money for the White Ribbon Alliance charity), midwifery students, local doulas and members of the public.

Here’s a photo – that’s me the tiny figure in the bottom left introducing the film – on the right is Sheena Payne, Senior Lecturer in Midwifery who came into her own as “Ricki Lake” style audience-facilitator!

DOULA! film screening in Bristol

Then in the lively Q&A afterwards, we had a panel of myself, two wonderful local doulas and two amazing midwives – with questions on the relationship between doulas and midwives, doula and midwife training, if doulas can attend births without midwives, how long doulas stay at births, about postnatal doulas and other questions about why I made the film and how I really want to change the world with my next project, a feature-length documentary about the problems with birth  in the Western world featuring Ina May Gaskin, Michel Odent, Elizabeth Davis, Debra Pascali- Bonaro etc.

Wow. The whole night was fantastic. Really positive, energising and exhilerating. Amazing feedback. I had a real feeling that everyone wants the same thing, that we all want to make birth better!

Next week on the 10th November I’m off to York University for a screening at their Midwifery school which I’m really excited about (public tickets are still available if anyone wants to come – CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!) – and I’m sure the feeling will be the same.

Then the plan is to have more screenings around the UK in January –  then to head to the US, Canada, Australia later in the Spring for screenings and for filming our next film! (please email me at if you think you know where I should hold a screening!)

So yes, if these screenings are anything to go by, with doulas and midwives working side by side to support women, step by step, film by film, screening by screening,  I know deep in my heart that together we really can change the world. And that will be amazing.



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