Countdown to Launch

Been a busy couple of weeks here at DOULA! film towers.

We’re getting ready to launch our next (as yet untitled) project, a worldwide feature-length documentary looking at the problems with birth today (too many over-medicalised births, too many inductions, too many caesareans, too few midwives, too few doulas, too little ante-natal education, too many women losing faith in their bodies) and also and most importantly, what the possible solutions might be to make birth better!

We want this film to help change the world – really, that’s what we are aiming to do.

We don’t want to make the film for just the birth community, we want to make the film appeal to a mainstream audience. Our plan is to use shock tactics and humour and outrageousness – so that we get people talking about the issues, so that we stimulate some lively debate, so that Governments and Health Authorities and the medical profession and ordinary people take notice – because we honestly do really want to help change the world!!

So we’ve been busy:

– editing the interviews we shot at the Midwifery Today conference in Strasbourg in September into a short hard-hitting world-changing trailer featuring Ina May Gaskin, Michel Odent, Elizabeth Davis, Debra-Pascali-Bonaro etc

– designing graphics for the website and all marketing materials

– coming up with hundreds of possible titles then rejecting 99.9% of them

– having lots of (admittedly some wine-fuelled) meetings about our master-plan, marketing strategies, scheduling, financing

– writing documentary synopses / outlines / treatments / funding proposals

– number crunching budgets and cashflow forecasts (so they’re market-ready to approach financiers / broadcasters / distributors etc)

– researching and reading and watching everything birth related!

Our plan is to launch the website in a couple of weeks, exact domain name and launch date TBC (I’ll announce as soon as I can!)

The website will be the cornerstone to the campaign – so if you want to help, please tell everyone to go to the website once it’s launched!

But before then, the countdown has begun. Here at DOULA! Film HQ, the pressure is on to get it all ready in time. Tick tock tick tock…..


To contact us, please email

Or join our Facebook fanpage:




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