Christmas Bonus!

Doula DVDUp until now, Alex and I (the film-makers behind the DOULA! film) have bankrolled the DOULA! film. We had no outside funding. We paid for everything ourselves from hiring the cameras to editing then all the manufacture of the DVDs.

Then we had to pay for the creation of the DVD in two formats – PAL for UK, Europe and Australia and NTSC format for the North American market. We spent just about every penny we had to make the film as we 100% believed in the project. But to be honest, it’s been a struggle financially speaking.

It was a risk making the DOULA! film, as we had no guarantee that we would sell enough DVD copies to break even let alone go into profit. But we felt that it was a risk worth taking. For us, it wasn’t about the money, it was about making a film that would make a difference.

The reason I’m telling you this is that we have some exciting news.

Exactly six months after we launched the film, we’ve finally gone into profit for the NTSC version. Hip hip hooray! (We’re still trying to recoup our costs for the UK / Europe / Australian PAL version.)

So to celebrate our North American success, we’re offering a massive Christmas bonus!

Doula DVD special Christmas offer

For the festive period only, we’re offering the DOULA! DVD for half-price if you live in the US, Canada, Japan and other NTSC countries. So for a limited time only, the DVD will cost just $14.99 (USD)! So an amazing 50% off.

But we’re not forgetting people who live in the UK, Europe, Australia or New Zealand or other PAL countries. Over the festive period, we’re offering the DVD at just £9.99 – that’s 33% off!

These offers are only available from the website. Click HERE to buy the DVD now!

Any profits from now on will be put into making our next film project, a feature-length documentary about the problems with birth today – to raise awareness and to make birth better and safer for every single woman.

So hope you take advantage of our Christmas bonus (the DVD will make a great Christmas present!). And what would be amazing is if you could tell other people about this offer!

Most importantly, thank you so much for supporting the DOULA! film. We couldn’t have done it without yours and the whole of the birth community’s support.

Very best seasons wishes and lots of ho ho ho’s,



To contact us, email or leave a message on our Facebook fan page:


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  1. Mike, thanks for your cnmmeot. I liked your take on Little Johnny Jones. You might be interested to know that I’m well on the young side of the Cinevent audience, and actually bring my parents with me (not the other way around!). It’s my hope that more people will become interested in silent cinema, and that the much increased availability of silent films on dvd will prove an encouragement to that interest.

    December 7, 2012 at 8:59 am

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