My Top Ten Internet Marketing Tips

I’m not a PR person and I’m not a marketing expert but I’ve learnt a few things about internet marketing through the making and distributing of our own films.

And I  thought I would share what I’ve learnt. Pretty much all of these tips and tricks are FREE and they’re all very easy to do yourself.

I’m sure I’m teaching a grandmother to suck eggs and you might know this stuff already, but if you gleam one thing from this list, then it’s worthwhile!

I’ve learnt all this the hard way, from setting up and managing websites, blogs, fanpages, groups and emails. Between myself and my Alto Films partner Alex Wakeford, we have created and actively manage something crazy like:

5 websites (our company website ALTO FILMS, websites for our birth documentaries DOULA!, REAL BIRTH STORIES, a website for our psychological thriller feature film CREDO and another for our regular film training workshops BRIGHTON FILM WORKSHOPS)

3 Facebook Fan Pages: DOULA!, REAL BIRTH STORIES and have just set up 60 SECOND DOULAS



1 Twitter: DOULAFILM

7 Email addresses (for Alto Films & personal email) – you can always contact us at

So before I give my top 10 tips – here’s a reminder that we’re doing a special Christmas offer:

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So here they are –  my top ten tips for Internet Marketing!


Use Facebook / Myspace / Other Social Networking (tips 1-5)

You may hate Facebook or other social networking sites but it is a really good way to connect with people. And its free. So here are my five top tips:

No 1. – create a fan page for your business (go to the left hand side of your  Facebook home page, click on Adverts and Pages, click on Pages and make sure you set it up for a business – I can go more into this if anyone is interested)

2. – personalise your fanpage using special graphics and create a WELCOME LANDING PAGE (the place people go to when they first visit your fanpage (for examples, have a look at our DOULA! film fan page created through

3. – create a facebook username for your fanpage (if you have over 100 members) so its easy for new people to find you –  for example, – To create your own username, go to and follow the instructions

4. – if you are doing a special event, screening or something special, create an EVENT on Facebook. You can also create Facebook ads – targeting a certain audience, this costs money but it can deliver results if you make your adverts very regional and specific.

5. – post regular messages, share things, write on other people’s walls, link to videos and generally be an active Facebook participant – the more you use Facebook, the more people hear about you and connect to you and it’s really lovely making lots of virtual new friends!!


6. Create a Website with a blog

– just like this one! That way you can keep people up to date with what you’re up to! We use because it’s simple to use, free and you can update the website yourself without the need for a website designer. Here’s a frame-grab image from our website blog.


7. Take the plunge and Twitter.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Twitter as I find it a little unsatisfying, but saying that, it can be quite effective if you build up a large audience. It’s very simple to use, free and can be very effective. Just open an account on and start following people and then people start following you and before long, you have a bit of a community….


8. Create a mailing list of email addresses.

Collect email addresses when people email you and put the emails in a database. Then once in a while, send out an email update or  just a simple newsletter format to keep people in the loop as to what’s happening with your business. But make sure people subscribe else your emails will be spam.

And always add links to your website / facebook fanpages at the end of all your emails to remind people where to find your sites.


9. Use video if you can.

Video is a powerful medium and has the potential to go viral – which means you’ll get far more visitors and hits.

I’ve just started using my webcam to record personal messages but also, we’ve released 60 Second Doulas and we’re about to release a new video trailer for our next project. As an example of how successful video can be, our DOULA! film trailer has had nearly 90,000 views on Youtube since we launched it 6 months ago.


10. Always use keywords and tags.

The key to internet marketing is to be high up in search engine listings. So a couple of tricks are tag everything and use keywords whenever you can – use the terms people will might put into a search engine like Google if they are trying to find you. And also use those keywords within your site, ideally within the title or within the first page.  And also link to other sites and encourage other sites to link to you.

There is a real art to search engine optimisation, but basically the more times you use key phrases and the more links you have to prominent websites (and the more people that link to your site), the higher up in the search engine listings your website will appear.  The more specific you are the better.


Marketing can be fun. Coming up with new ideas to get the word out there is exciting. If you feel passionate about something then there’s nothing better than coming up with a fun idea to harness the power of the internet to tell other people what you’re doing or to find other people who share your passion. So it could be a competition or a link sharing idea on forums or whatever you like!

And if you have other marketing ideas, I would love to hear them!!!

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