Master Plan For 60 Second Doulas!

On Monday, I filmed another batch of 60 SECOND DOULAS mini-clips for our Youtube channel with two lovely doulas – Sally Cropper and Samsara Tanner. The videos are released first on our DOULA! Film Facebook fanpage.

What if I don’t bond with my baby?

The 60 SECOND DOULAS format is simple; the doulas have a minute to answer one of the most frequently asked questions about birth.

So the answers become little bite-sized chunks of antenatal education;  they’re fun, informative and can be shared over the internet. Perfect for any expectant parent, doula, childbirth educator or anyone looking for answers about birth, particularly if someone types that question into a search engine or on a forum.

The idea is that the clips position doulas as experts in pregnancy, birth and newborn babies – so the doulas come across as wise, knowledgeable, friendly, approachable people that you might want to help you during your pregnancy, your birth and for the first few weeks!

What’s the difference between Braxton Hicks and contractions?

It’s a tricky challenge for the doulas during filming as it’s difficult to cram as much information as possible into a very short time. And the doulas don’t know the questions beforehand so the doulas really have to think on their feet. And they’re racing against the clock so it’s added pressure (especially for Samsara who really didn’t like the timer beeping – have a look at her reaction whenever the clock beeps!!)

Luckily for us, Sally and Samsara‘s answers were fantastic as both are brilliantly articulate, knowledgeable and  passionate about birth.

In Monday’s mammoth filming session, the doulas covered everything from:how doulas work with dads, time limits for pushing, vbacs, caesareans, breech births, twins, breastfeeding, back-up doulas, tips for coming home with a new baby, same sex relationship parents and lots more – around 50 questions in all!

My plan is to film more of these 60 SECOND DOULAS using different doulas and different questions over the next few weeks and months, filming them as we travel around the world for our next documentary project (details for this next project will be released hopefully first week of January).

So if we’re coming near you (dates and locations announced in the New Year) and you can organise 2/3 doulas to be in one place to film the 60 SECOND DOULAS – let me know!!

So my big vision is that we film hundreds if not thousands of  60 SECOND DOULAS mini-clips to help raise awareness of doulas worldwide – featuring doulas from the UK, Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and other places.

Not just that, but I would love to film interactive 60 SECOND DOULAS so that they are broadcast  live over the internet and people around the world can join in  (please, if someone has an idea for how to do this technically – please let me know!!!)

And I also want to film lots of 60 SECOND MIDWIVES too (we’re planning to film these late Jan / early Feb).

So lots of plans, lots of ideas and hopefully, lots of people liking them and sharing them through social networks / forums / via email etc.

I would love to hear suggestions for more questions so if you have any questions you want doulas to answer in the 60 SECOND DOULAS format, please get in contact – email me at

Many thanks and lots of festive best wishes,



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