Now Easier To Host A DOULA! Screening & Buy Wholesale Copies

Happy New Year! Hope that 2011 has started well for you.

You might have noticed, but we’ve been tweaking the DOULA! film website to make things even easier to Host Your Own Screening of the DOULA! film. And also, we’ve made it easier to buy multiple DVD copies at a wholesale price (so people can sell DOULA! DVDs at their screening to help raise funds!!!).

Instead of supplying DOULA! film screening kits, what we’ve done is to simplify the whole process. (Hopefully you’ll think this is simpler!!!)

Host Your Own DOULA! Screening

So to Host Your Own Screening, there are just 2 steps.

Step 1. Buy a copy of the DOULA! DVD (available now at £14.99 or US $22.99). – CLICK HERE

Step 2. Buy a Public Screening Licence Upgrade (available now at £35.00 / US $55.00) – CLICK HERE

When you purchase a Public Screening Licence Upgrade, you will be emailed:

A3 poster

1 x Poster(emailed as digital files to print at your local copy shop)

1 x Postcard (emailed as digital files to print at your local copy shop)

1 x Event Toolkit (everything you need to plan your event)

1 x Marketing Guide

1 x Guide to Promoting Your Event

1 x Sample Press Release (which you can adapt to promote your event)


Additional Screenings: If you want to have subsequent additional public screenings – you can extend your public licence by paying £20.00 / $30.00 per screening – CLICK HERE

Wholesale Options (Or Buy Extra Copies To Sell At Your Screening!)

If you are a retailer or you want to have the option of selling multiple copies (perhaps you want to sell DOULA! DVD copies at your screening), it’s now easier to order multiple wholesale copies.

For 5 DVDs, it now costs £8.00 /US $12.50 per DVD = £40.00 / $62.50 + shipping – CLICK HERE

For 10 DVDs, it now costs £7.50 / US $11.50 per DVD = £75.00 / $115.00 +shipping – CLICK HERE


We hope that’s simpler and more straight forward as our aim is to encourage more people to host their own screenings so that word spreads even wider about how amazing doulas are!

If you have any comments about this or have suggestions to make things even better, we would love to hear them. Drop us an email at

Many thanks,


Toni Harman & Alex Wakeford (DOULA! Film-makers)

Visit the website:

Join our fanpage:

Doula! film-makers: Alex Wakeford (left) & Toni Harman (right)




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