What I’ve Learned & Why I Need To Make A Film About It!

So things are hotting up here at DOULA! film towers. For the past few months, we’ve been busy researching our next project, a feature length documentary that is a global look at birth today intended for worldwide theatrical release.

Before this research, I had no idea how diverse the “birth field” actually is, or the depth of people’s passions or the extent to which opinions about birth are so polarized.

For this project, (which up to now is being funded entirely by us), we’ve already filmed preliminary interviews with the legendary Ina May Gaskin, Michel Odent, Elizabeth Davis, Debra Pascali-Bonaro etc (We’ll soon be releasing clips of these interviews!!!)

Film-maker Toni Harman & the amazing Ina May Gaskin

Now we’ve got 10 days dashing  around England  filming interviews with the UK’s most amazing minds and most important voices on birth. Amongst them we’re filming Consultant Obstetricians, leading figures from the Royal College of Midwives, National Childbirth Trust, as well as birth activists, authors, academics, midwives, doulas, parents, lay midwives plus midwifery & medical students.

What I’ve learned through my research has shocked me to the core. And that’s what this film needs to be about. To raise awareness that the way we are giving birth and nurturing our newborns is not just affecting the odd expectant parent now, it’s affecting the whole of society, even the whole of humanity and our collective future. Now I understand what’s truly at stake.

I know the three of us involved in this project are only just one little tiny cog in a big world. But using the power of film and with the support of you reading this blog and everyone else who passionately believes in the beauty of birth, we could be a little cog that  helps make a big difference. It’s very humbling, inspiring and empowering to know if we do this right, we could help change the world. We could help make birth better and safer. The weight of responsibility is on all of ours shoulders to get this absolutely right.

Next stops for filming are Spain, America, Canada, Australia, Brazil and other places around the world to make this a global look at birth today.

Once we’ve finished next week’s filming we’re going to announce the project’s name, launch the website and the global campaign. Then the hard work really begins. Then we really need you to help us. For together we are stronger.

Thanks for your support and I hope we’ll meet you somewhere on our journey!


Toni Harman, Film-maker, Alto Films


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One response

  1. This is so wonderful amaising and I’m eternally grateful for your time and dedication to this project. I totally believe that we can change the world by changing the way we see and treat birth. I am so excited about this film I can’t wait to see it and spread the word! I’m a Doula in Australia and trained and work with the Australian Doula college and wanted to let you know about the college in case you were interested in talking with her in regards to birth I’m this country, she is an incredible passionate woman, knows loads about birth and is also heavily involved in home birth Australia and the women who are the birthing guru’s of this country. The Australian Doula college is based in Sydney if you were planning to visit there for your film. As a Doula I have midwives who are beautiful friends of mine who may also be wonderful to talk to here in Brisbane? Thankyou thankyou Thankyou for making this film. Sometimes you can feel like a small cog in the wheel but we are making change one birth at a time and this film is a giant step in the right direction. From little things big things grow!!! Much love. Katrina – Brisbane Doula

    January 25, 2011 at 10:38 pm

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