Exclusive Preview Video of Sheila Kitzinger

If you’ve been following our progress over the past few months, you’ll know that we’re  in the process of shooting our next film project which will be a global look at birth today – the title of this project will be announced in the next few days – and we’ll also be announcing the website and facebook fanpage!!!

For this project, we’ve already filmed some fantastic interviews at the Midwifery Today Conference in Strasbourg in September 2010 with Ina May Gaskin, Dr Michel Odent, Elizabeth Davis, Debra Pascali-Bonaro (film-maker of Orgasmic Birth), Jan Tritten (mother of Midwifery Today) and others.

Then earlier this month we filmed some of the world’s birth experts who live in the UK, amongst them, the amazing Sheila Kitzinger (MBE) – the author of many books on the politics of childbirth.

And here’s our first exclusive preview clip of Sheila talking about the future of birth – more clips coming very soon!

Sheila invited us to film at her amazing home that once belonged to a former Queen of England; Anne of Cleves who became the 4th wife of King Henry VIII in 1540 .

Anne of Cleves was given the house by King Henry VIII as part of the divorce settlement, although clever Anne never consummated their marriage and therefore wasn’t infected with King Henry’s syphilis (and she wasn’t beheaded!).

It seemed somehow really fitting that this house is now owned by Sheila Kitzinger, one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is so articulate, so charismatic and so passionate about birth that I was completely blown away by her interview.

From where we  filmed Sheila Kitzinger, you can see the Tudor roses and King Henry’s crown carved into her fantastic stone fireplace.

Sheila Kitzinger interviewed
for our next film project

We’re going to be releasing the trailers and announcing the website and a new Facebook fanpage any day now – so if you haven’t already done so, subscribe to this blog or join our Doula! film Facebook fanpage to be the first to find out what’s happening!

Thanks for reading this blog and hopefully you’ll support this next project.

Toni Harman, Producer, Alto Films

To contact us: please email info@altofilms.com



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