News Update May 2011


I thought I would give an update on what’s been happening with our DOULA! film but also our exciting global birth film project, ONE WORLD BIRTH.


Doula DVD

For the month of May, we’re offering a 33% discount off the price of the DOULA! DVD – so you can buy the DOULA! DVD for just £9.97 or $14.97.

Only available from the DOULA! film website:

MAY OFFER – DOULA! DVD NOW £9.97 / $14.97



Doulas in Switzerland – there’s a screening of the DOULA! film coming soon – The Association Co-nâitre will be hosting a screening at 8pm on June 6th, 2011 In Fonction Cinema in Geneva.

For more info:

Doulas in France – there’s hopefully going to be a screening of the DOULA! film on Friday 3rd June at the Doulas De France Convention – and hopefully (fingers rossed) – I’ll be there too!



One World Birth

As for our One World Birth global film project – we’ve released two trailers and had some amazing feedback.

The trailers feature footage from our interviews with:

Sheila Kitzinger, Ina May Gaskin, Michel Odent, Elizabeth Davis, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Cathy Warwick, Carol Gautshi, Beverley Beech and many more internationally renowned birth experts.

If you haven’t seen the trailers yet – here they are:

We’ll be launching the actual site in a couple of weeks. It’s like a Facebook meets Youtube all about promoting positive birth – and the aim is to build a global community centred around video content who together can inspire, connect and help deliver change to maternity systems around the world!

Our next step is to travel around the world to film what’s happening with birth – to connect all the pieces of the global birth picture to really help deliver change. Our plan over the next few months is to travel to the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, China, Turkey, Italy, France, South Africa, India and more besides – to really make this a global film project.

As this a really ambitious project and to achieve our dreams, we need your support – so to help, it would be great if you visit the website to sign in then we can update you on our plans and you can help be part of this project!



And we’re just set up a Facebook fanpage:

The tricky thing at the moment is that Facebook has blocked all links to the website as for some reason it’s classified as “abusive” (maybe that’s what happens when you try to start a revolution in birth!) – so we’re trying our best to get around this problem.

But in the meantime, it would be fantastic if you could recommend anyone you know to visit the site:



Thanks to everyone who has made the DOULA! film and the ONE WORLD BIRTH fanpages such a brilliant thriving community.

Thank you also for the many hundreds of emails and messages we’ve received over the past few days, weeks and months with messages of support for our films and film projects. Your words really mean the world to me and to Alex, my film-making partner.

DOULA! & ONE WORLD BIRTH film-makers: Alex Wakeford (left) & Toni Harman (right)

Very best wishes and thanks again,


Toni Harman, Producer / Director, Alto Films / /



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  1. Welcome home Ephraim!! You\’re going to love your new family. Can\’t wait to watch you grow up!! (By the way DeeDee, did you set a new rcoerd with comments???)

    December 5, 2012 at 4:36 am

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