What A Wonderful World (Doula Week)! 180 Screenings Worldwide!

Here’s a news round-up of DOULA! film screenings for World Doula Week March 22-28 2012. Over the past week, there have been over 180 DOULA! film screenings happening all over the world. This means that with your help, we have been able to raise awareness of doulas on a global level! So thank you to every single person who hosted or attended a screening or shared information via social media or just had a conversation about doulas.

DOULA! Film Screenings Press & Media Coverage:

My article in the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/toni-harman/can-one-film-change-birth_b_1372472.html?ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false

Here’s my appearance on Shari Cristo’s MybabyExperts internet TV show: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/21292688

From Kenora Ontario: http://www.kenoradailyminerandnews.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=3510791

From Juneau, Alaska: http://juneauempire.com/neighbors/2012-03-18/ican-sponsoring-free-film


Here’s some of my favourite images posted on our DOULA! Film Facebook page:

From Tracey Dahlen from Eureka California – note that DOULA! is headlining above this season’s second hottest feature film (after DOULA!), Hunger Games:

DOULA! Screening in Eureka, California
Photo courtesy of Tracey Dahlen

Chris Goldman, Doulas of CNY in Syracuse, NY hosted a baby expo and film screening March 27th! They had a great turn out with local birthing professionals, homebirth midwife, and shared wonderful information on Doulas!

DOULA! film screening in Syracuse, NY. Photo by Chris Goldman.

Doulas of Syracuse, NY. Photo by Chris Goldman.


And here are some wonderful descriptions of their screening nights from around the world:

From Laura Doula Nance: “The screening of Doula! in Statesville NC went very nicely! We had in attendance doulas, midwives, pregnant women, a family who had used a doula and a family not even pregnant yet but planning on it in the near future. We had a discussion panel afterward with a doula, midwives and the family who had used a doula- the midwives and family gave the benefits from their point of view of having a doula. The feedback from all in attendance was really great! Thanks Toni for this opportunity to educate the public!”

From Association Francophone des Doulas de Belgique (AFDB) “Thank to all the thirty or so people who came last night! It was a great evening! Such a beautiful film, very nice discussions and so good meetings!
In short : “to repeat!” 😉 Gradually, that’s how (other-between) we do inform people about doulas! ♥”

From The Nottingham Baby Fayre : Doula! Film thank you – we watched the film in Nottinghamshire courtesy of Sweet Doula Baby ~ birth & post natal doula services and have talked about it in our recent blog xhttp://www.nottinghambabyfayre.co.uk/local-businesses/choices-pregnancy-post-natal-care-doula-doula/

From Love You 4Ever Doula Services “So positive! 44 attendees plus 2 crawling twins, an 8 mo. old, a toddler and 2 babies in utero…honored 4 doulas in attendance and had a breastfeeding friendly Q& A with a family who spoke about the blessings of having both a birth and postpartum doula work with them.”

From Courtney Stern “Lovely screening….surprised to have a little write up in the local paper that attracted a few attendees ….lots of interest in becoming a doula, training/practicalities of working/etc. it was wonderful!”

From Melanie Patrick “We had a great time at our screening. Lots of questions about birth, breastfeeding, and the benefits of having a doula. I was so jazzed I couldn’t fall asleep till after 2am.”

From Di Bustamante “Went really well – received all positive feedback! 40 attended and enjoyed the fare of the Living Cafe to boot!”

From Sophy Azzopardi “Thank you for a lovely film this evening in Faversham, Kent UK. It prompted lots of discussion and ideas to take our branch of the NCT forward.”

From ‘Dou la bour’ “I attended a screening in Soham, Cambridgeshire this morning! courtesy of my friend Lora @ Bump to Earth Doula Services 🙂 what a great film! makes me shed a tear every time! and a very sucessful screening! xxx”

From Jackie Thingvold “I just saw it in Viroqua, Wisconsin!! Great movie!”

From Kristin Gideon “I actually went to a screening yesterday in Kansas City, MO…loved the film!!”


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