60 Second Doulas


60 Second Doulas: How Painful is Childbirth?

About 60 Second Doulas

3 Doulas     60 Seconds     100 Questions

The “big idea” was to film a group of doulas (that feature in DOULA! The Ultimate Birth Companion) answering the 100 most frequently asked questions about pregnancy, labour, birth and the first few weeks. The idea was to show that doulas are extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth and newborn babies and also, that they’ve got a great sense of humour and all have different personalities – so there’s a doula for everyone!

I wanted to keep their answers short, so I limited their answers to just 60 seconds (although sometimes the doulas break the rules and keep talking even though the timer has gone off!) And I wanted to keep the element of surprise and spontaneity so the doulas pull the questions randomly from a rather fetching sparkly green envelope (which I made myself!) The doulas don’t know the questions in advance and also, don’t know which questions are coming next, so they have to think on their feet and cram as much information as they can into just 60 Seconds.

These 60 SECOND DOULAS are not definitive answers, but more bite-size childbirth education snippets which make perfect jumping off points for discussion.  Fun, informative and hopefully enjoyable to watch!

Please note: The information given in the 60 Second Doulas videos should only be viewed as a general guide. If you are expecting a baby and have concerns about anything, please seek medical advice.

About The Doulas In 60 Second Doulas

There were supposed to be 4 doulas, but when it came to the day of filming, one of the doulas (Samsara) that features in DOULA! The Ultimate Birth Companion was called away to a birth – which left us with 3 amazing doulas:

Sally Cropper: Birth Doula, Postnatal Doula
Website: http://www.doulacare.me.uk/

Caroline Spear: Birth & Postnatal Doula

Lina Clerke — Birth & Postnatal Doula, Midwife, Birth Preparation Classes & CD’s
Website: http://www.wonderfulbirth.com/

The 60 Second Doula films are being released over the internet over the coming weeks and months, so if you like them, please share them!

Here’s a few clips just to show you what I mean. Enjoy – and please share.

Toni Harman (DOULA! film-maker)


What are the natural pain relief options during birth?

What happens if I am induced?

How do I find a doula?


3 responses

  1. Hugs, hugs for everybody. I heart you all.

    June 27, 2011 at 7:30 pm

  2. Anonymous

    LOVE IT!!! And hats off to the wonderful doulas for answering a question so well in 20 sec. each….. And for their sense of humor!

    May 19, 2012 at 1:35 am

  3. Anonymous

    Greetings Lina, Joanna Davis here! We met a LONG time ago (over a decade) when you came to the states, and stayed at my house. You look marvelous, and… it seems… we are BOTH midwives now! 🙂

    January 25, 2013 at 12:43 am

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