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Real Birth Stories – 3 DVD boxed set – our first birth film!!!

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5 Couples tell their warts and all stories of pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks.

  • “I’m 39 & a first time mum at 31 weeks. I felt the film was a great resource for professionals & mums-to-be. It was friendly, informal but very practical.

I’ve been reading voraciously but there are still some things you can’t get from a book, or you don’t want to bore your friends with yet more questions! The DVD’s have everything! It demystifies a lot of the uncertainty & covers a range of different experiences.” Sara, first time mum

  • “People’s experience of having a baby vary greatly and, as a midwife, it is impossible to cover them all. The Real Birth Stories DVDs succeed in showing these different experiences, hence making a fantastic insight for any mother or father to be.” Rowan Jackson, Midwife

Real Birth Stories is a unique set of DVDs about having a baby.

Made by parents, for parents, the series tells the stories of five couples, all first-time parents, who met at an antenatal class at their local hospital.

Real Birth Stories isn’t an instruction manual or a medical “how to” guide, but our own personal stories, told simply and plainly.

The stories chart each step of life’s most incredible journey from the early stages of pregnancy to the first few weeks of becoming a new parent.

Real Birth Stories are honest, funny, heartfelt and surprising, but always informative. We are telling our stories to help prepare you for your amazing adventure ahead! We really hope you enjoy them.


(UK, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA only) – price £17.99 – BUY NOW


GENTLE BIRTH COMPANIONS: Doulas Serving Humanity

A book by Adela Stockton

Gentle Birth Companions: Doulas Serving Humanity - a book by Adela Stockton

The first comprehensive account of the doula movement in UK and mainland Europe, this book is essential reading for would-be and experienced doulas, expectant parents and maternity health professionals around the globe.

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