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Doula DVD
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All prices exclude shipping: PAL version: £2.00(GBP)  NTSC version: $3.75(USD)

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1. For Personal Use At Home Only

PRICE: £14.99 (GBP) – BUY NOW

PRICE: $22.99 (USD) – BUY NOW


2. For Public Screening License

A DOULA! Film Public Screening License is available for individual doulas, non-profit organizations, community organizations, grassroots and student groups.

To host your own screening:



A Public Screening License  is a one-size fits all license, no matter how big the screening, no matter how many come and you can sell tickets for the event. The License includes a FREE SCREENING KIT of marketing materials (see bottom of this page). PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing a License DOES NOT include a DOULA! DVD.

Options: Single Screening / Unlimited Multiple Screenings

Single Screening £35.00 (GBP) – BUY NOW

Single Screening US $55.00 (USD) – BUY NOW

Unlimited Screenings: £65.00 – email

Unlimited Screenings: $100.00 – please

If you have purchased a Single Screening License and you want to host an additional screening, then you can buy a Single Screening License Extension for £20.00 / $30.00  BUY NOW


3.DOULA! DVD As Teaching Tool (for Doulas / Birth Educators):

If you are a doula or birth educator, we would love you to use the DOULA! DVD as a teaching tool to train doulas or within parent birth education classes.

Please email for more information and a price quotation.


4. For Institutional Educational Use

A special Institutional Educational License is required if the DOULA! DVD is used by colleges, universities, libraries, museums, corporations, and other institutions.

Please email for more information and a price quotation.


5. Buy Wholesale DVDs

If you are a retailer or hosting your own screening and would like to sell extra DOULA! DVDs, we can supply you with DVD copies (PAL or NTSC) at wholesale prices. Available in packs of 5 or 10.

5 DVDs @ £10.00 / USD $15.70 per DVD = £50.00 / $78.50 + shipping – EMAIL

10 DVDs @ £9.50 / USD $15.00 per DVD = £95.00 / $150.00 + shipping – EMAIL

Please email if you want to buy wholesale copies.



This FREE SCREENING KIT is emailed to you when you buy any of the Public Screening License options above. We give you all the materials so that you can create a media buzz around the event so that hopefully, local newspapers, TV & radio shows and internet bloggers pick up the story and suddenly everyone in your area is talking about doulas!

– an A3 POSTER supplied as a digital file by email that you can print yourself at your local copy shop

– an A6 POSTCARD supplied as a digital file by email that you can print yourself at your local copy shop

– an EVENT TOOLKIT by email which takes you through step-by-step everything you need to do to prepare and host your own screening

-a MARKETING GUIDE by email which takes you everything you need to do to advertise and promote your screening to the public

– a GUIDE TO USING THE DOULA! SCREENING TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS by email which is exactly what it describes – it takes you through how to make the most out of hosting a screening

– a SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE by email which you can adapt to add the date, time, location and your contact details to send out to your local media to create a buzz.