DOULA! The Ultimate Birth Companion

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“I found the film utterly breathtaking and felt instantly inspired to employ the services of a doula for our next birth” JUNO Magazine

DOULA! The Ultimate Birth Companion is a new 60 minute documentary-style film about the work of birth and postnatal doulas. The film intimately captures in close-up detail the practical and emotional support given to the parents by their doula at each stage of their unique birthing journey.
The film includes footage of three positive, emotional and extremely moving doula-supported births (two home water births and a birth that progresses to a Caesarean section). There is also a separate section on the work of two postnatal doulas working to help the new parents’ transition to life with new babies.

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The DOULA! film was made by UK filmmaker and mum, Toni Harman

Doula DVD
“After witnessing the amazing difference having a doula can make, I would love to see every expectant parent being supported by a doula. I am now on a mission – to raise awareness of doulas worldwide. As for me it is a simple equation: The more people that know about doulas =more people will hire a doula = more people will have better births = more babies will have a better start to their lives= the world will be a better place!” Toni Harman

“The perfect film for doulas to show to new clients or a lovely gift for expectant parents!”